New Dallas star Josh intimidated by original cast

Dallas actor Josh Henderson has admitted meeting the show’s original stars was ‘scary’.

The 30-year-old plays the son of JR (Larry Hagman) and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) in the newly resurrected TV show, and admitted he was nervous about working with the veterans.

“I was a little intimidated the first day when Larry came on set. When JR came alive, it took the whole room by storm,” he revealed.

“But once we had that first scene together, I was completely excited about what would be unfolding between us. And same with (Linda).

“Linda was just the sweetest, sweetest woman ever when I met her. But being in those scenes with Sue Ellen… It was scary, meeting JR and Sue Ellen!”

He added: “The main thing that will draw fans back is the original stars. You can’t be Dallas without them.”

Dallas ran for 14 seasons until 1991. The new Dallas will launch on US channel TNT on Wednesday with a two-hour premiere.

Larry, 80, admitted things had changed since the original show.

“It moves so quick. The old shows just drug along: long, long pauses; come in for a close-up where the actor’s doing nothing. On this show, they don’t waste any time!”

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