Watch new Netflix teasers for Marvel’s Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Netflix release brand new footage of their latest additions to the Marvel superhero universe and they certainly pack a punch!

If you’re not already familiar with Netflix’s dark – and very grown-up – superhero series Daredevil and Jessica Jones, then you’re in for a treat as the entire runs are still available to stream on the streaming service.

Fighting crime alongside blind lawyer Matt Murdock (the Daredevil in question) and super strong and sassy anti-hero Miss Jones come new boys on the block Luke Cage and Iron Fist in two new stand-alone series, the trailers for which were released by Netflix in time for San Diego’s Comic-Con event.

In the first of these, Mike Coulter stars as Cage, possessed of superhuman strength, steel-hard skin and a willingness to use anything – including car doors – to give him the edge in a fight. The character has previously shown these traits in Jessica Jones, as she went up against the villainous Kilgrave (played by David Tennant), but here it looks like he’s taking on the world single-handed.

*Warning* these videos contain scenes of a violent nature.

He is, as you can see, not a figure to be taken lightly. And neither is Iron Fist (Danny Rand to his mum) who has the power to summon his ‘chi’ (that’s ‘inner strength’ to us) to, well, break out of a very unfortunate situation by the look of it. There’s not a huge amount of information in this clip, but there’s certainly enough to get us excited for the eventual release.
Netflix also combined three of these shows for what is referred to as a ‘Sizzle’ (nope, us neither). But, that aside, it gives us a glimpse into how these series are all going to tie up to create a universe so convincing, it’s going to need its own A-Z.

All episodes of Luke Cage are set to premiere on Netflix on September 30.

Iron Fist will premiere in 2017.