New X Factor judge Mel B in bust-up with Simon Cowell

Feisty new X Factor judge Mel B has already had a bust-up with boss Simon Cowell – about how she is determined to avoid arguments on the show.

The pair locked horns ­within days of her appointment, with former Spice Girl Mel – famously known as Scary Spice – ­insisting: “I won’t be your Miss Nasty”.

And with them soon due travel around the UK ­together for auditions, they still ­can’t agree on her role and how she will come across to viewers.

Cowell wants Mel B to play the villain and act mean to contestants on the forthcoming series of the hit ITV show.

But she has refused, insisting that she won’t be his pantomime baddie, reports the Mirror.

Defiant Mel, 39, also ­determined not to be bitchy towards fellow judge Cheryl Cole.

Cowell, 54, had been looking forward to their chemistry producing onscreen fireworks.

But a source close to Mel revealed: “There’s no way she’s going to do that bitchy thing with anyone and has told Simon so.

“He isn’t happy at all. He had hoped that viewers would flock to watch the ­bust-ups ­between the two women judges.

“Simon wants explosive television. He wants Mel to give people a hard time, to have great fall-outs.

“But as far as she’s concerned it’s a job and she doesn’t want to get herself wrapped up in controversy.

“Mel wants to be a grown-up judge, a bit of a female version of Simon.

“She doesn’t want to be unnecessarily mean to anyone.

“She wants to find some good talent. If someone isn’t good enough, then she will tell them. But she is ­determined to stay positive with her feedback.

“Mel knows that she can’t be this mouthy, horrible ­person who whips up the ­controversy, because the X Factor is just too intense. She doesn’t want to be the one everyone is focusing on and can call the evil one.

“She has told Simon all this – but who knows who will win the argument?”

The Mirror also reports that, although Mel was not Cheryl’s first choice of to join the ­panel of judges, she is now looking forward to working with her.

Sources said that the former Girls Aloud star tried to get music mogul Cowell to sign Aussie singer Sia, 38, who had a No1 hit with Titanium.

But the show boss thought Sia was not well-known enough to be a judge.

Cheryl, 30, is also adamant that she will not get involved in any rows with Mel. And she wants to avoid fashion ­contests between them, so is pleased the former girl band stars have conflicting styles.

A source close to the Geordie beauty said: “Cheryl is delighted that Simon agreed to have another woman. She deeply believed that the panel should be gender equal.

“There was a good chance there would have been three men and just Cheryl, which she wasn’t happy about.

“She and Mel don’t really know one another but what makes her really happy is that there won’t be that fashion wars thing that Cheryl and Dannii Minogue had. Mel’s style is so different.

“For both Cheryl and Mel this is a job. They both want to find good acts and neither wants to get into any rows.

“Neither of them wants to be portrayed as a bitch. Just because they are young, attractive women working together doesn’t mean that they have to hate each other.

“They are going to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

Mel was unveiled as the ­replacement for Sharon Osbourne, who returned to the X Factor for one series last year.

The judging panel for the next series will be Simon, Cheryl, Mel and Louis Walsh.

The X Factor will return to ITV later in the year.