New York State of Mind

Star of countless movie and TV appearances, New York City is one of the most filmed locations on the planet. And certainly one of the most beautiful – celluloid loves this city. From its steel and glass canyons to suburban backwaters, you kind of ‘know’ NYC before you ever visit.

I’ve been living in Manhattan since July and have witnessed a plethora of cables, grips, stars and star-struck tourists clogging the city streets. From SATC 2 and Jennifer Aniston’s flick The Bounty, to The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, New York is just made for making movies.

And if you’re a celeb spotter you’re in seventh heaven – they’re everywhere. Mr Big in my gym (I wasn’t looking my best doing sweaty crunches – but then neither was he) to Ugly Betty waiting for her close up in the street outside, the Gossip Girls are all over the city…

So with a Noo Yawk theme in mind, here are clips from some of my favourite NYC-based films:


Gerswhin, black & white, Woody Allen, The Brooklyn Bridge – what more could you ask for?

Taxi Driver

You talkin’ to me?

Annie Hall

Rock lobster: Woody and Diane are sublime in arguably his best-ever movie.

American Gangster

Extortion, murder, racketeering… all in a day’s work.

I Am Legend

A chilling view of NYC that hopefully will remain fiction.

When Harry Met Sally

I want what she’s having (the woman who says this in the movie is the director’s mum!).

Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker is, er, not back.

Vanilla Sky

Tom. Alone. In an empty Times Square – this movie is brilliant!

Wall Street

Greed is Right. Greed is Good. Greed Works. The word according to Gekko.

Man on Wire

Philip Petit walks between the twin towers. Incredibly moving.

The Sopranos

Okay, so it’s Joisy, not New York. But who gives a Bada Bing?!

New York, I Love You

An all-star cast in a collection of ‘homage’ vignettes to the great city.

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