News Hound | 10 June 2009

Movie Talk sniffs around the back alleys of the internet to bring you the latest showbiz news – because we love to play fetch…

paw-print.jpgDom Joly is going to America to film a feature-length version of Trigger Happy TV
paw-print.jpgWhoopi Goldberg’s West End musical version of Sister Act has been well received.

paw-print.jpgClint Eastwood’s Nelson Mandela film, Invictus, has received a release date – December 11.

paw-print.jpgSwedish hit movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (aka Men Who Hate Women) is slowly but surely going global
paw-print.jpgTwilight director Catherine Hardwicke is making a modern version of Hamlet and has cast Emile Hirsch in the starring role.

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