News Hound | 12 August 2009

paw-print.jpgSony Pictures have bought the rights to make a Michael Jackson movie, using the hundreds of hours of Jackson’s rehearsal footage from the Staples Centre. The movie will be titled This Is It and will be released 30 October.

paw-print.jpgLegendary country music singer-songwriter Hank Williams will be getting his own biopic. Nashville-based 821 Entertainment Group is collaborating with Strike Entertainment and producer Mark Abraham
paw-print.jpgA group of Canadian filmmakers have made a John Hughes documentary called Don’t You Forget About Me. The docu was already waiting for release at the time of Hughes’ recent death and has now been dedicated to his memory.

paw-print.jpgWarner Bros are making an action adventure movie set in a Lego world.
paw-print.jpgNicolas Cage will be turning on the Christmas lights in Bath on 26 November. Cage is a bit of a local – he owns a Georgian townhouse in the Circus in Bath as well as the nearby 18th century Midford Castle.

Nicolas Cagepaw-print.jpgHollywood’s biggest movie stars are also feeling the recession. The Los Angeles Times reports big stars dropping their fees or else risk being dropped themselves.

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