News Hound | 16 September 2009

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Oscarpaw-print.jpgIf you fancy experiencing the 82nd Academy Awards live on 7 March, 2010, but aren’t famous enough, apply for seats on the Oscar bleachers. You get to watch all the guests walk down the red carpet live, then you’ll be invited to watch the ceremony telecast at a nearby location. You have until 20 September to apply for a spot for you and three lucky friends.

paw-print.jpgResponding to fresh internet rumours, Viggo Mortensen has confirmed that he has no plans on retiring from acting.

paw-print.jpgDirector Peter Berg has confirmed that Will Smith and Charlize Theron will be returning to star in Hancock 2. The script is under way with Smith as story consultant. Berg has also signed up to make Battleship, Universal’s movie version of the popular board game.

Will Smith in Hancockpaw-print.jpgTomas Alfredson, the Swedish director behind Let the Right One In, is to direct the true-life sex-change drama The Danish Girl. Nicole Kidman will play Danish painter Einar Wegener, who became the first person to undergo sex-change surgery in 1931. 

paw-print.jpgCinema admissions are up 3.8% in Europe since last year reports the European Audiovisual Observatory. The upwards trend has particularly been boosted by British cinema goers, resulting in a 14.5% rise in visits in the UK. But it’s Sweden that beats the rest of Europe with a staggering 27% rise in ticket sales.

paw-print.jpgMatt Damon has encouraged fans of the Jason Bourne franchise to come up with a storyline for a fourth instalment because he is concerned that pressure from Universal executives to make another sequel soon won’t allow enough time for a good plot to be developed.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

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