News Hound | 17 June 2009

With Movie Talk’s regular Hound Dog of Hot Gossip on leave, I’m standing in to sniff out the stories that matter in the movie world – and a few that don’t, really, but still have an intriguing whiff about them.

paw-print.jpgWhispers abound that chameleon actor Michael Sheen (aka Tony Blair, David Frost and  Brian Clough) is being slated to play Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the next Bond film.

paw-print.jpgPictures are released of Mickey Rourke in his disguise as Whiplash, the chief villain in the new Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr. Not a pretty sight.

indiana-jones-4-free2.jpgpaw-print.jpg66-year-old star Harrison Ford blows young upstarts Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise away in the pay scales of Forbes’s annual Celebrity 100 chart earning close to $65million this year – thanks to his profit share deal on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Not bad for a pensioner.

paw-print.jpgLooking for Eric director Ken Loach is at the centre of a growing brouhaha at the Edinburgh Film Festival over his involvement in the Festival’s decision to refuse a grant from an Israeli Embassy to fund travel for a young Israeli filmmaker.

paw-print.jpgSacked Fox News journo Roger Friedman claims Tom Cruise and John Travolta were instrumental in getting the station to give him the push because of his outspoken criticism of Scientology.