News Hound | 19 August 2009

Movie Talk sniffs around the back alleys of the internet to bring you the latest showbiz news – because we love to play fetch…

paw-print.jpgLionsgate is remaking the 1987 dance movie classic Dirty Dancing. As if anyone could beat le original:

paw-print.jpgThe Bob Marley biopic project has ground to a halt (again) as Jonathan Demme quits. This follows Martin Scorsese dropping out earlier this year due to a prior engagement. The search for a new director is on.

paw-print.jpg29 years after the original hit movie and TV series, here comes the trailer for the new version of Fame:

paw-print.jpgUS TV network ABC are remaking the 1985 hit drama St Elmo’s Fire into a TV series to try to fill the void left after Friends.

paw-print.jpgBrett Ratner wants Robert Pattinson to play a super hero in his comic book project Youngblood.

paw-print.jpgAudiences all over the world are being given the chance to get a first look at footage from James Cameron’s upcoming 3-D epic Avatar. Screenings will be held on August 21 at selected cinemas all over the UK. To get your free ticket, click here and enter the code 302001.

paw-print.jpgThe Monty Python gang are to receive a Special Award from BAFTA for their ‘outstanding contribution to film and television’.

Monty Pythonpaw-print.jpgJennifer Aniston is producing, starring in and singing (!) in the musical The Goree Girls. The movie is based on a true story about a group of women who in the 1940s started a country music band while doing time in a Texas prison.

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