News Hound | 24 June 2009

The stand-in news hound digs up a few more bones of movie gossip while the regular pooch is away, and proves that you can teach a new dog old tricks. 

paw-print.jpgArnie doppleganger is in the frame for the new Conan the Barbarian reboot.

paw-print.jpgRocker Cher returns to the big screen mentoring rock chicklet Christine Aguilera in her movie debut.

paw-print.jpgStar Trek producer/director J J Abrams boldly agrees to produce Mission: Impossible 4 with franchise frontman Tom Cruise.

paw-print.jpgSurprise documentary hit at the Edinburgh Film Festival sounds the death knell for newspaper based film critics and heralds the brave new world of the movie blog.

paw-print.jpgDisney star Zac Efron proves he’s all grown up now by signing to do a ‘proper thriller’. The catch? It’s being penned by Hairspray’s Leslie Dixon. So will it be ‘a proper thriller’ with song and dance numbers then?


paw-print.jpgTwilight star Robert Pattinson is saddled with ‘The Sexiest Man on the Planet’ title by readers of Heat magazine. Let’s hope he’s not the shy and retiring type eh?

Your regular news hound will be back sniffing out stories next week. And yes, you guessed it, that last little bone was dug up in her honour. 

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