News Hound | 3 April 2009

Movie Talk sniffs around the back alleys of the internet to bring you the latest showbiz news – so you don’t have to get your paws dirty…

paw-print.jpgDaniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint talk about the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:


UK release date 17 July

paw-print.jpgMegan Fox is attached to star alongside Mickey Rourke in upcoming indie-drama Passion Plays.

Megan Foxpaw-print.jpgSony has plans to revive its Men In Black franchise while Men In Black director Barry Sonnenfeld has signed up to direct Paramount’s private eye movie The Spellman Files.

Men in Blackpaw-print.jpgQuentin Tarantino has accepted an offer to screen Inglourious Basterds in competition at the Cannes Film Festival.


paw-print.jpgAaron Eckhart is negotiating a role opposite Nicole Kidman in a movie version of Pulitzer Prize-winning stage play Rabbit Hole.

paw-print.jpgThe FBI has been called in to investigate how an almost finished copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was leaked online.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverinepaw-print.jpgSam Raimi has said that the script for Spider-Man 4 should be completed by the summer.

paw-print.jpgTerminator 2: Judgment Day star Robert Patrick has confirmed speculation that android assassin T-1000 might return for Terminator 5.

Judgement Day A big thanks to trainee sniffer pups Sarina and Emmanuelle for diving into the dustbins!

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