News Hound | China pulls Avatar from its cinemas and Channing Tatum wants to strip – again!


paw-print.jpgChina is pulling the 2-D version of Avatar from its cinemas, causing much speculation as to why.

paw-print.jpgKellan ‘Twilight’ Lutz is up against two other actors for the role of Conan (The Barbarian) in an upcoming remake of the frachise that was made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

paw-print.jpgNot one known for keeping his top on in the movies, Channing Tatum has said he’d fancy playing a stripper. It would of course not require much acting as this once was his profession.

Channing Tatum

paw-print.jpgThe Spanish government has vowed to crack down on piracy as it is estimated that Spain alone was responsible for 20% of all illegal downloads worldwide of the ten most popular movies in 2008.

paw-print.jpgTim Burton is interested in doing a remake of Sleeping Beauty, and, no doubt, it will have that certain Burtonesque twist.

paw-print.jpgThe race is on to cast a new Catwoman for the next Batman movie and Sienna Miller is already purring with delight at the thought of wearing another tight outfit. But there are plenty of other Hollywood ladies who’d be great for the part. This could get catty, folks…

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