News Hound is wagging her tail like Lassie’s come home after hearing the lastest news on Robert Pattinson.

If online rumours are to be believed, Rob will be guest starring in season two of the fabulous and mega popular musical extravaganza that is Glee.

The Glee gang

The storyline will see Rob as a British exchange student (they’re clearly not very imaginative in Tinseltown) who gets a lot of attention from the Glee girls, especially Rachel, who will do anything to sing a duet with him. Now we all know, after her crush on Schuester, that she can be pretty intense.

And if you’re as devoted a Glee fan as I am, you’ll be taking part in this competition to win a trip to LA and a walk-on part on season two of the show.

Robert Pattinson

Ro-oob, I’m on my wa-ay!