News Hound | Gwynnie Paltrow and Justin Trousersnake swap careers

 paw-print.jpgIt seems that Joaquin Phoenix’s puzzling career change has inspired others to dabble. Gwyneth Paltrow has just recorded a country music track called Country Strong for an upcoming movie (with the same name), where she plays down-and-out country star Kelly Canter who is given a second chance thanks to a budding song writer. Nashville radio stations are already playing it.

I’m a bit of a country fan and I must say she’s not bad at all – hear Gwyneth belting it out here. And Joaquin…take note! Then again, Gwynnie’s not a recording studio virgin, what with being married to one fourth of Coldplay and having already recorded a version of Smokey Robinson’s ‘Cruisin’ with Huey Lewis for the movie Duets
paw-print.jpgGoing in the opposite direction is Justin Timberlake, who’s been offered the lead opposite Amanda Seyfried in sci-fi movie I’m.mortal. Justin’s not a newbie either. In fact, he’s been in quite a few movies already and doin’ alright.

paw-print.jpg One last thing, people: Sign the online petition today to save the UK Film Council! I was number 15565 – they need more names!

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