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paw-print.jpgHollywood studios are feeling the recession as much as any other business and want to move away from accepting the pay demands made by A-list stars on the grounds that the past year has seen small films with unknown actors become box office hits (Twilight, The Hangover, District 9) while several big-budget star vehicles (Duplicity, Land of the Lost, Funny People) have flopped.

paw-print.jpgIn relation to the above, extremely low-budget movie The Hunt for Gollum (made for a measly £3000) has been a huge hit ever since it was released on the internet in May. Four million people have already seen it! Be the four million and first and watch it here!

The Hunt for Gollumpaw-print.jpgLeona Lewis will be featuring on the Avatar soundtrack with the song I See You
paw-print.jpgThe Vatican has described Twilight sequel New Moon as a ‘deviant moral vacuum’. You wouldn’t want the Pope in front of you at the cinema anyway – that silly hat of his would totally block your view.
paw-print.jpgRobert Pattinson is going to marry Uma Thurman! Well, at least on screen. Thurman has joined the cast of Bel Ami and will play a Parisian society lady who closely befriends Pattinson’s manipulative, bedhopping journalist Georges Duroy… Say no more!

Robert Pattinson

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