News Muse – 1980s redux

It started in a subtle way. Top Gun-style Ray Bans became fashionable again. Then in snuck the legwarmers followed by the leggings, spandex waist belts and oversized tops. Then came Miami Vice the movie and the recent reunion of New Kids on the Block. Yep, the 1980s are sooo back!

Unfortunately, everything wasn’t hunkydory even in those days, and this week (here comes this post’s vague and only link to the News), yuppies of the noughties have been going through similar financial rollercoasters as their predecessors. Mergers, bankruptcies, redundancies, take-overs, the ‘credit crunch’…it’s looking uglier than a botoxed Michael Douglas.

So, considering we should all be careful with our pennies, what better way to save money than staying in all weekend, watching 80s movies and dancing and singing along to their overbearing soundtracks.

I’m proud to say that I still have this – on vinyl!

Here are my Top 5 power-dressing movies from the 1980s:

wall-street.jpg1. Wall Street  

Michael Douglas teaches Charlie Sheen a few things about illegal trading

baby-boom.jpg2. Baby Boom 

Diane Keaton learns to juggle business and nappy duty

secret-of-my-sucess.jpg3. The Secret of my Succes$ 

Michael J Fox takes a shortcut from mail room to board room and back

working-girl.jpg4. Working Girl 

Melanie Griffith’s ambitious secretary climbs the highest tree in a corporate jungle

Bonus film:

boiler-room.jpgBoiler Room

This one was not made in the 80s but captures the era, quotes Wall Street (!) and stars the brilliant Giovanni Ribisi.

If you’re really in to your 80s movies, take a trip down memory lane on this website and learn more about the titles in your dusty VHS collection.

Happy viewing!


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