And so the day finally arrived when Baz Luhrmann had to drop the scissors and come out of the editing room to hand over a copy of his £80million epic Australia for its much anticipated world premiere in Sydney.

It was on Wednesday and, yes, it was actually raining. But that didn’t stop celebrities and guests (about 3000!)  lining up on the red carpet, which was rolled out along George Street bang in the middle of Sydney. Imagine London’s Oxford Street being closed off and you’ll understand the magnitude of this party. I would have loved to be Hugh Jackman’s umbrella girl. The dishy actor was recently named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. He’s funny, he can sing, dance and kicks celluloid ass very convincingly. He’s simply dreamy.

So Australia, the movie, is not only a great advert for the country itself, but also promotes its men. I’m sure the jumbo jets will be filling up with hopeful passengers. And just to make sure the message is getting across to the world, Tourism Australia

I’ve just returned from my Walkabout, but I’m already aching to go back. As for the movie, here in the UK we’ll have to wait til Boxing Day for our premiere. And I’ll be there with my umbrella, just in case.