News Muse – Ageing gracefully and dying hard in Hollywood

It’s that time of year when it seems that everybody around you is either coughing (with that rattle that sounds like they’re dying), repeatedly and loudly emptying nasal cavities of all content or sneezing – usually a really wet one and usually in your general direction.

So not only is it getting really cold and dark, while spending cuts are depressing the hell out of everyone, we are also to be reminded that we are mere mortals.

It sure isn’t fun getting old and frail or being sick, but imagine having to do it in public! I’m of course thinking of Michael Douglas, who’s been in the news a lot lately – mainly pap shots of him looking quite gaunt due to the chemo.

Hope his kids don’t see the tabloids, because the other week the National Enquirer had more or less written him off. Some will of course say that he has looked dead for years next to youthful wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, despite that facelift, but that’s just plain mean (however true it may be)…

Yesterday, Keira Knightley was feeling so ‘under the weather’ that she couldn’t attend the premiere of Steve, a film written and directed by her boyfriend Rupert Friend. Maybe she just had a spot the size of Kilimanjaro. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Rowan Atkinson is ill too. Too ill to start filming Johnny English 2. Now there’s a tragedy. Because the world’s not yet had enough of his rubber-faced, silly-walk antics.

Over to another silly dude who likes to wear a white vest – Bruce ‘McClane‘ Willis.

I thought it was a joke when I read that he is actually going ahead with Die Hard 5. Like I’ve mentioned before, I do think he’s died more than enough by now. But no, a scrip is being written as we speak.  And let’s not stop there! He’s talking Die Hard 6 before he hangs up the vest. I suspect this is part of some complex pension plan of his. After all, he’s already 55 and these are hard times.

And the man is keeping busy, out today in fact with Red (check out our competition to win Red goodies!), which, funnily enough, is about a group of retired CIA agents who make a come-back when somebody is trying to kill them.


To activate the sound in the trailer: hold your cursor over the screen to reveal the control panel and click on the volume control in the bottom right-hand corner.

Some movie men just refuse to stop, some go into politics, and Clint Eastwood (already having done the politics in the 80s) makes the smartest move by ageing gracefully behind the camera instead.

That guy has made some seriously good celluloid over the last 20 or so years of directing. His latest project is Hoover, a biopic about FBI founder and director J Edgar Hoover, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the man himself.

Watch this space (but kindly refrain from sneezing all over the screen)!

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