News Muse – Disney abandons ship whilst Depp walks the plank

Stand-in News Muser Caitlin Maggs ponders over the latest movie gossip, giving you her unique take on all the showbiz shenanigans…

Media giant Disney recently decided to drop the third and latest instalment of the page-to-screen adaptation of C.S Lewis’ masterpiece, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Apart from clearly losing some valuable Hollywood kudos, the children’s movie remains one of the most hotly anticipated epic adventures and is all ready to set sail over the Christmas period.

Get ready to sink your teeth into this newly released trailer. Ben Barnes is welcomed back as the Spanish-talking Prince Caspian, nicely turned out with newly grown stubble to boot, and fingers crossed for Mrs Beaver’s return, we’re still mourning the loss of Dawn French
The Doctor ordered; the Eleventh Doctor disappointed fans at the BBC Doctor Who Prom last weekend after failing to greet-and-meet at the Stage Door last weekend.

When a herd of avid Whovians, dressed in bow ties, converse trainers and an alarming amount of fezzes waited for hours at the Royal Albert Hall, armed with sharpies, they were found to be left wanting when the Matt Smith failed to grace them with his presence.

Perhaps it was a case of the old butterfly nerves

Lately, we’ve heard exciting rumours that Meryl Streep is currently eyeing-up a role in her pal Stanley Tucci’s new comedy, Mommy & Me. Looking forward to seeing the untouchable star in another light-hearted movie.

Ahoy! Then our attentions turn back to Captain Jack, as he unveils the details and top secret gossip on  Pirates 4 at the latest Comic Con in San Diego. Mr Johnny Depp speaks of booze, Zombies and about the “vicious” Penelope Cruz joining the crew.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

It seems Johnny Depp has a contender in the exclusive sword-bearing club. Infamous comedian Russell Brand is waxing his crazed moustache as we speak, in preparation to the play the legendary 14th century swashbuckler Hawkwood, in a new action-packed comedy. Watch this space.

Contrary to these hat-wearing criminals, Saint Gemma Arterton, can’t seem to put a step wrong in the eyes of Tinseltown. But will Hollywood’s latest ‘golden girl’ be at all dented by her announced return in the sequel to the Box Office flop, Clash of the Titans?

Breaking out of the toy box, the third edition of Pixar’s growing classic makes history, as Toy Story 3 smashes UK’s Box Office records with a £21 million opening haul. Never underestimate the strength of good-quality plastic.

Also, have a peek under the covers to see Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich discuss how Woody and Buzz feel about returning to the big screen.

Staying in the playground, remember the lovable Yogi bear? Well, he’s gone. Replaced with a CGI alternative, the Yellowstone Park dweller with a fetish for picnics and upholding the honourable scout code has returned, but this time as an irritating and vaguely frightening animation, soon to appear on a silver screen near you.

With singer Justin Timberlake
Cillian Murphy is set to take the lead in the intense thriller Retreat, reportedly alongside ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant, looking forward to that fine Celtic pairing!

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