News Muse Extra – Angelina gets serious, and Bruno gets a slap

With the News Muse on holiday this week, I’m going to be casting my eye over what’s happening in movieland and giving it a little extra spin…

First up, we have Angelina Jolie — UN Goodwill Ambassador and the world’s most famous Wife and Mum to boot — who’s busy promoting World Refugee Day tomorrow. It’s a cause that’s very close to her heart (alongside Brad and their gazillion kids) and also mighty close to her wallet too (the Jolie-Pitt Foundation have just donated a whopping $1millionto the UN’s Refugee Agency).

Okay, so fair play to them, we know Angie is sincere, and it’s a worthy cause, but when she’s reported as saying ‘I tell my kids there are other families in the world who aren’t as fortunate as ours’ you’re suddenly reminded of what your mum used to say when she was trying to get you to eat your greens. And then you realise that there probably aren’t all that many families in the entire world as fortunate as the Jolie-Pitts. By which time you’ve completely lost the point of the whole debate in the first place.

All right, enough with the cynicism, already. Here’s Angie’s plea on behalf of the UNHCR.

Not quite so moving, but still a travesty for some teenage cinemagoers will be the news that the BBFC have awarded Sacha Baron Cohen‘s eagerly awaited (ie. mucho hyped) new comedy Bruno an 18 certificate – which is basically going to prevent a large sector of the film’s target audience from seeing it. Mind you, after Cohen’s flying-butt stunt at the MTV awards (staged or not it was still pretty funny), it’s perhaps no big surprise that when given the chance to trim the offending scenes and gain a 15 cert, the filmmakers declined. After all, outrageous behaviour seems to be Bruno’s selling point – and the more outrageous the better. Just ask Eminem.

Normal news muse service will be returning shortly. What’s the betting she manages to find a story about the Twilight sequel New Moon to muse on her first day back??

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