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The weather really hasn’t been on our side this summer. So sticky and humid, and cloudy. It’s like Florida without the sunshine or the alligators, or Dexter. But imagine if each time it rained, it would result in a heavenly foodfest on Earth.


See, there’s this new movie that’s got my imagination boiling over – and had me drooling like a dog outside the butcher’s. Sony Pictures have made a 3D animation called Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It’s based on a 1978 children’s book:


I know, I know. It brings up all sorts of issues, sanitation being one of them. I personally abide by the good old ‘3 second rule’ – if food has been on the ground no more than 3 seconds, it’s ok to eat – so could benefit greatly from the phenomenon. I would immediately move to Alaska or Greenland and eat nothing but ice cream from the skies.

But there is of course also a question of safety. I mean, we all know what tomatoes are capable of. Imagine a ton of meatballs coming down on you. I don’t think an umbrella would be of much help.

All that aside, this crazy weather machine could easily solve world hunger and what kid wouldn’t be overjoyed if a giant pancake (with topping!) fell on his or her school?

We’ll have to wait til autumn to find out how they solve all these problems in the movie. Let’s just say the plot heavily relies on spoofing blockbuster disaster movies so expect an adventure of calorific proportions.

Onto another trailer. Finally a glimpse of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland!


I started musing about this film a year ago and I’m happy to say that Johnny Depp looks as good as I anticipated, if not better. But I can’t believe we have to wait til March 2010 to see the rest.

Speaking of Disney projects, the big D have just announced that they’ve bought the rights to film a new version of The Diary of Anne Frank. None other than Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet will be writing the script and, well, that’s all I know for now. As long as they get the casting right (i.e. not involving Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers or anyone from High School Musical), this should be a good project that will teach youngsters lessons from the past that can’t ever be forgotten.

The story of Anne Frank certainly had a huge impact on me in my early teens. That and the TV series War and Remembrance, as well as my brother’s interest in WW2, lead to years of obsessively pouring over memoirs by Holocaust survivors.

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