News Muse – From fairy to very very scary

The 2009 MTV Movie Awards last Sunday was a special event for Twilight fans as the movie scooped up almost all the popcorn buckets, including the one for Best Movie, and it was the first chance to watch the trailer for sequel New Moon. But the image that must have stayed with most viewers was probably Sacha Baron Cohen aka Brüno’s flighty appearance that ended with his ‘Kugelsack’ in severe distress followed by an unforgettable assault on Eminem’s face. I’m not a huge fan of the Slim Shady blondie, but I applaud him for going along with the (obviously staged) mishap. I mean, which other über-trendy-rapper-dude would go along with having a naked fairy butt shoved in their face? I suppose one keen on a lot of free publicity…

Sasha has been in the news for another reason too – he is (unsurprisingly) being sued. No, not by Eminem, by Richelle Olson… Who??? Some American bingo lady who got into an argument and a bit of a scuffle over a microphone with Sasha’s alter-ego during the filming of Brüno.


UK release date 10 July

Richelle claims she got so upset by the ordeal afterwards(!) that she fell over and hit her head, causing some sort of brain damage that means she now has to use a wheelchair or a walking stick. This sounds a bit like when Eddie Murphy got sued, in Raw, for causing a disco strobe light to sprain a guy’s eyes:

(clip is hilarious but contains very, very bad language)

Following on Wednesday’s News Chihuahua, where I discussed the underestimated ferocity of said dog, I was glad to hear that Mickey Rourke has found himself a new pet. His Chihuahua Loki died a while back and Mick has now got a new friend – cockatoo Sunny – who travels on his shoulder. He obviously didn’t check out this website though. (Mind your ears!) Ferocious feathered friend, indeed.

He’s not so feathered but still very scary. I’m talking about Javier Bardem. I first ever saw him in No Country for Old Men, running amok with a pneumatic tank and that freaky wig (it was a wig wasn’t it?). And I still can’t get that brilliantly creepy performance out of my head.

So when I read that Bardem is set to play the baddie in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2, it made perfect sense. Let’s just hope Gordon Gekko doesn’t challenge him to a coin toss…

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