News Muse – From hero to zero: the rapper formerly known as the actor Joaquin Phoenix

It started last October with Joaquin Phoenix’s shock announcement that he was retiring from acting to pursue a music career:
Casey Affleck, announced that he is making a documentary following Phoenix’s rise to musical stardom. Or maybe not:

Let’s not even comment on the “rapping” or the “dancing” or the tripping. But the grooming… Phoenix is crustier than a squatter on Park Lane. In fact, the look reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator when his character, Howard Hughes, locks himself up in the screening room for weeks and starts peeing in milk bottles.

Is this Joaquin’s idea of a joke? Is he doing a Borat? Is this some sort of criticism of modern consumer society? Is he going to use his fame to get everyone to buy his rubbish album and then poke fun at people for doing so?

Or is it a sincere attempt Gigli -style?

News Muse is gobbling this one up as it goes along and will keep you updated.

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