News Muse – G.I.R.L.S! Having fun 80s style

The 80s are sooo back (minus the financial boom)! I keep saying it even though I know just by popping down to TopShop that it’s stating the very obvious.

20th Century Fox also confirmed this fact by announcing that they are doing a remake of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, ya know, the 1985 movie that starred a very young Sarah Jessica Parker and a very young Helen Hunt, sporting bad hairdos and lots of lycra. I recorded the movie off telly and remember watching the VHS tape until it pretty much melted and the image/sound got distorted. At my house it was always ‘D-TV time’ and it used to drive my big brother insane – he was more of a Top Gun
Cameron Diaz seems to be a girl who always likes to have fun. But I am wondering how much of a good time the bubbly blonde will have when she tries to play the on/off lover of… Tom Cruise! Diaz had problems faking chemistry with Ashton Kutcher in What Happens in Vegas, and he isn’t half as freaky as Tom Cruise. Now that I think about it, I can’t imagine anyone getting it on with Tom Cruise and making it look believable on screen – not even his trouble and strife Katie Holmes!

Cameron Diaz

Anyhow, the film is called Wichita (bless you!) and is a James Mangold action comedy, which will see Cruise playing an international spy. Yawn!

This Sunday I will temporarily be replacing D-TV for some must-see MTV because the MTV Movie Awards are on. And why should you care? Duh! Because the New Moon trailer will be premiering during the show! Because Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be there to introduce it! And because Twilight has been nominated for Best Movie, Best Female Performance, Best Male Breakthrough Performance, Best Song, Best Fight and Best Kiss! That’s six nominations out of 11 awards. Go vampires, go!

Twilight cast

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