News Muse – Hobblywood, Tom Crooze and Hangovers

It’s time for some Friday frolics with your very own Muse of da News, who is feeling particularly exhausted and feeble this last (overly-long) working day before the salvation that is the weekend. So I do apologise if there is a little more muse than news today, a little more fluff than substance, but I want to keep it light for anyone else whose brain has also already hit the snooze button.

Let’s start with Sly Stallone, who is currently enjoying the lime-light in a new Bollywood movie called Kambakkht Ishq (I think I broke into a sweat just trying to type that out), which translates as ‘Incredible Love’. DroopyFace does a great impression of himself and he even speaks Hindi! There are also cameos by Denise ‘ex Mrs Charlie Sheen’ Richards and Brandon ‘Superman’ Routh! Oh, and the Indian lead actors Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor are Bollywood Royalty – yes, with a capital R – making this a Blockbuster movie with a capital B.

UK release date 3 July

When Hollywood mixes with Bollywood like this, it apparently makes for a rather nice pool party

Totally mindless entertainment – me like! And there is already a sequel planned (it was decided even before the first film was finished). Now what could it be called? Hmm. Still Hungover? Hungover Again? No, there’re playing it totally safe with plain old ‘The Hangover 2’, no Roman numerals or nuthin. Let’s see the first instalment though, before we pass judgement on the second outing.

You’ll have to excuse me, but I need to get on with some serious work now – analysing photographs from the New Moon film set.

Now that’s what they call investigative journalism. Aah, I love my job.

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