News Muse – Jeff Goldblum is NOT dead!

We’ve had our fair share of death in the world of celebrity in the last 24 hours. First Farrah Fawcett, who died of cancer yesterday morning, swiftly followed (and overshadowed) by the sudden death of Michael Jackson. Jordan is however still alive and well, although she must be chewing her own hair extentions in fury over being shoved off the tabloid covers after her (painfully) long stint.

Another person who is totally NOT dead is Jeff Goldblum
Johnny Depp. His new movie, Public Enemies, is out in the UK on Wednesday.


Deppster has said that he’d really fancy playing Captain Jack Sparrow in another Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. And he’s also expressed interest in taking on the role of The Riddler in a future Batman movie. But his Public Enemies co-star Christian Bale has said that he can’t see there being a Batman 3 because he can’t imagine it without Christopher Nolan, who is reluctant to return to direct. However, Bale is contractually obligated to do the third movie so I suspect it will be made, with or without Nolan.

Johnny is indeed a busy man. He has hardly finished shooting Alice in Wonderland and he has already announced that he will be doing yet another project with Tim Burton – a big-screen adaptation of supernatural 60’s soap Dark Shadows – which should start shooting in 2010. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, new images have been released from the movie and you can trust Burton to make everyone and everything look totally creepy. I’d soil my pants if I ran into Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter.

Finally, guess who was having a meal with whom in LA a couple of days ago… Hugh Jackman and Miley ‘Hannah Montana’ Cyrus! Don’t worry, it wasn’t all candle lit and romantic. More like business talk with producer-types – and Miley’s mum. I predict a new musical project sometime in the nearish future. Boy, I love to watch that man sing and dance. Swoon!

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