News Muse | Jude Gets Busted

With Guy Ritchie’s comic-book inspired geezer-isation of Sherlock Holmes due to hit the screens on Boxing Day (quite literally if the slam-bang trailer is anything to go by) advance publicity for the film got an unexpected (and no doubt unwanted boost) with the news that Dr Watson has fathered a love-child with a New York model and is about to get stung for some serious child support. Sorry, did I say Dr Watson? I meant actor Jude Law who plays the elementary detective’s sidekick.

Now our regular News Muse has been a bit down on Mr Law on this very blog in the past… Something about Nannygate, and hitting girls (not just hitting on them) and looking shifty and dry-cleaning, I believe… But I’m thinking let’s give the guy some slack. After all he did play Alfie. Maybe he’s a method actor who took his method too far (although if that’s the case, why was that film so rubbish??).

And I’m sure Jude regrets his wicked ways now. Not just being foolish enough to have a fling with an ‘up and coming actress and model’ but also having said fling without adequate protection and then compounding his stupidity by failing to make sure the object of his desires didn’t have a high-powered New York lawyer as a close relation!

Not cool, Jude. Not cool at all. Sad to say, though, it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for him, isn’t it.

Now, also in the news this week is a little snippet about one of the coolest geezers on the planet (whose number I suspect isn’t going to include Sherlock Holmes any more now that Mr Ritchie’s had a go at him).

Would you credit it? Johnny Depp’s looking for a school for his kids in the UK. (Although, now that story’s broken he probably isn’t anymore, but hey that’s not going to stop me musing about it).


Now, on reading the story, I’m sure I’m not the only woman of a certain age (who happens to have school-age children) who suddenly had this tantalising little vision pop into her head of bumping into Johnny at the school gates or rubbing shoulders with him at the next parents evening or having him manning a ‘kiss-me-quick’ stall at the Summer Fair (oh, alright, I admit it, my little vision quickly became a full-blown fantasy feature).

And then had their hopes totally dashed when it turns out Johnny is scoping out exclusive private schools in Bath and not mine/or your local state-run primary.

Has Cap’n Jack Sparrow just become a teeny, weeny little bit less cool in my estimation? I’m sad to say he has.  I mean, posh private schools are all well and good, but what’s wrong with the local comp, Johnny? They have surprising lively Summer Fairs you know…

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