News Muse – Lindsay Lohan is sentenced to 90 days in jail

paw-print.jpgIs there anybody in this world who actually feels sorry for Lindsay Lohan as she cries her crocodile tears while hearing her sentence
repeatedly messed up. It’s time to don the orange overalls, girlfriend, because you’re not getting the star treatment this time!

I suggest she make the most of it instead – look at Martha Stewart – and she might come out the other end with a bit more sense and possibly in possession of a beautifully crocheted poncho to go with that alcohol-measuring bracelet gizmo.

Lindsay Lohan

People, I feel a TV movie coming on… Who do you think should play Lindsay Lohan?

News Hound is watching this story, awaiting 20 July to see if Ms Lohan gets to stay behind bars a little longer that 84 minutes this time round.

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