News Muse – London Premiere of Australia

Australia premiere in Leicester Square, London

Last night it was London’s turn to throw a premiere party for Baz Luhrmann’s new epic Australia. And although we didn’t close off Oxford Street and cause quite the same commotion as the Sydney premiere did, there was still a good turnout in Leicester Square of hardcore fans as well as bemused tourists. There was no rain, but the near sub-zero temperatures had everyone jumping around to keep warm.

And I certainly jumped up and down with joy when Hugh Jackman appeared. Along with Baz Luhrmann, he was the first to arrive and they worked the red carpet for a good 45 minutes. Nicole Kidman came a little later, wearing a stunning glittery, slinky, white number that made her look ever the ice queen – and I’m sure she was absolutely freezing because after five minutes of posing for photographers, a black coat appeared out of nowhere and she was suddenly wearing it.

 Hugh Jackman talking to journalists

Hugh kept himself warm by running from camera crews and interviews back to the crowds to sign autographs. And I was kept warm by his beaming smile as he came past and stood right in front of me. I was unfortunately too busy screaming and swooning (in my head) to take a photograph.

Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman 

Baz, Nicole and Hugh took to the stage for one final photo session before entering the Odeon cinema, leaving us adoring fans outside – happy but very, very cold.

Australia premieres in the UK on 26 December. Do not miss it!

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