News Muse: MacGyver, Bourne and Bronson – the art of getting out alive

Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver

Which one of these two lovely gentlemen would you rather be stuck in a lift with?

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

What do you mean ‘depends on what we get up to in there’?

You’re trying to get out – obviously! This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy ya know, this is survival. I must admit the choice between MacGyver and Jason Bourne is a tough one, but I’m not revealing how my fantasy action scene plays out.

All this deep and meaningful philosophising about life and lifts began when I read earlier in the week that both Angus MacGyver and Jason Bourne will be back!

New Line is turning the popular 80s TV series MacGyver about the resourceful super agent into a feature film. Let’s just hope that they use more than a stick of gum and a shoelace to hold the script together.

The project is still in the early stages so there has been no mention of casting yet. But I fear Richard Dean Anderson may not be available – last time I saw him he was in space.

Are you new to the phenomenon that is MacGyver? Educate yourself here.

Another project in its infancy is the fourth instalment of the Bourne franchise. Matt Damon has said that they’re “working on it”. But he admitted that being Bourne again would be tough since he isn’t getting any younger…

So don’t get that Ultimate Bourne Collection just yet, cos there may be an additional disc.

If you think Matt Damon is tough as Jason Bourne, then check out London actor Tom Hardy playing violent prisoner Charles Bronson. Like his name promises, he truly is ‘well ard’.


And if that meaty portrayal wasn’t enough for you, then look out for Hardy in his next project (mentioned in last week’s News Muse), because the dedicated actor is reportedly already hitting the gym so that he can beef up to 15 stone by July.

If I got paid to work out (with a personal trainer), I’d be in the gym all the time. But I’m just a mere mortal – my pain cost £55 a month, direct debit.

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