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Things haven’t been easy for Warner Bros lately. Their much anticipated Marvel feature film Watchmen has been caught up for months in a copyright law suit against Fox, who have been trying to become co-distributors. For a while it looked like the movie wouldn’t see its March 6 premiere. But on Wednesday the bickering studios issued a statement saying they had come to an agreement and the whole case will be dismissed. Insert sigh of relief from fans. Fox won’t  claim any rights to the film but in return for their generosity they will get a large chunk of cash and a percentage of the revenue, which is expected to be substantial.

In the meantime, another Marvel movie has been suffering from growing pains.

The AvengersThe Avengers, planned for 2011, is circling the media with casting rumours. First Eva Longoria Parker was seen leaving Marvel’s head office with a bunch of Avengers comics. This was actually in September, but it started rumours about her possibly being cast as The Wasp. She denied the whole thing at the time only to spill the beans to a reporter at this year’s Golden Globes, gushing about how she would love to be involved.

Eva Longoria Parker  Samuel L Jackson

Then there are rumours floating around about Samuel L Jackson, who appeared at the end of Iron Man as superspy and Shield commander Nick Fury and was meant to reprise that role in both Iron Man 2, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers. But it’s been said that he was asking for too much money and that Marvel may be changing their mind. We shall see.

From one superhero to the next.

On Wednesday the 583rd issue of Marvel Comics’ The Amazing Spider-Man went on sale and guess who is featuring in it? None other than President-very-soon-to-be Barack Obama! Mr O is a huge fan of Spidey so I’m sure he was at the front of the queue to get his two copies (you know, one to read and one to seal inside a plastic pocket never to be touched again).


And the story? Spider-Man’s old enemy The Chameleon turns up on inauguration day and threatens to ruin Barack’s special day. Let’s hope that doesn’t really happen on the 20th!

Phew, that’s a lota comic book talk for one post. Let me finish off with this barking trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which opens in cinemas tonight. I think it’s Clueless

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