News Muse – Movie star hair plugs a thing of the past?

Earlier this week, I was (as usual) listening to BBC Radio 4 while getting ready for work, when I heard the hilarious news story about baldness, which briefly summed up was saying:

Nearly half of men have a manufacturing defect (and here I’ve been thinking I didn’t get them cos they came from Mars!), which means that bald men in fact aren’t bald – you just can’t see their hair!

I had to check the diary it wasn’t April Fools’ Day.

Funnily enough, no less than a week ago, I was lamenting to a friend about the state of my movie star crush Nicolas Cage‘s hair. Why does the man have to repeatedly sport such godawful hairstyles in his movies?

A few examples at random:

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

Moonstruck (1987)

Ghost Rider (2007)

This actually looks quite good. Clearly a quality toupée.

Con Air (1997)

Criminal or not, there is no excuse for that greasy mullet!

I can hear you all out there answering my question with: Because his hair is awful in real life.

It’s not THAT bad, guys! I’ll even forgive the hair plugs. In Nic’s defence, he’s not the only movie star to have hair issues as Holy Moly pointed out this week.

Let me finish on a positive note for those readers out there who are bald(ing). Until they figure out how to cure your manufacturing defect, be comforted by the fact that baldness is good for your prostate!