News Muse – Musical mania from Hollywood to the West End, via Broadway

If you thought that the High School Musical phenomenon would slowly start to fizzle out, you have another thing coming – High School Musical 4!

Wow, this Thing is like Police Academy – it just won’t go away. (Police Academy 8 coming to a cinema near you in 2011. No, I am not kidding.)

Disney has revealed that the plot of the fourth instalment will be a love triangle set against the backdrop of a rivalry between the West High Knights and the East High Cats. Peter Barsocchini, who wrote the other three scripts, has been asked to get creative once more. Surprisingly, er, nor Zac Efron or Vanessa Vanessa Hudgens will be in it. They’ve clearly grown out of high school and on to bigger and better projects.

Two projects that caught my eye this week are Ghost: The Musical and Sleepless in Seattle – you guessed it – The Musical.

Ghost is opening in London’s West End in 2010 according to the London Theatre Guide. My question is: will Whoopi Goldberg be in it or would she prefer to do a stint on her own stage production of Sister Act (coming to the West End in June)? And what will they sing about? I for one want to hear The Pottery Song.

Sleepless in Seattle is also well on its way. Jeff Arch, who wrote the original script, has been asked to adapt it to the stage while seasoned composer Leslie Bricusse has already composed 18 songs for it. This too should be ready by 2010 and will hit Broadway. 2010 will certainly be singing as The Addams Family musical and the Spider-Man musical are due out as well.

It’s like my dream has come true – life IS a musical! Let’s dance!

One lady who knows how to strike a pose but is not getting into the groove this week is Miss Lindsay Lohan, who is instead fuming because her Madonna-inspired photo shoot didn’t make the cover of Glamour magazine’s April issue. Instead, Katie Holmes is strutting her stuff on the front, along with an interview inside. Ooh, handbags at dawn. Get me a front-row seat!

Last but not least, this week it’s for once not Brangelina you gotta watch out for, it’s Paniro – Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, obviously!

And I mean literally ‘watch out’ because the two stars are suing German watchmaker Tutima for directly linking its adverts to their 2008 movie Righteous Kill, without permission. Uh-oh!

Apparently Pacino has never commercially endorsed a product and De Niro would only do so “under very specific and compelling circumstances” (read: s**t loads of money). Now they both want lots and lots of dosh to compensate for this unspeakable trauma.

Isn’t it ironic? as Alanis would say – Tutima is getting more free advertising than they could have ever dreamed of…

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