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Haven’t we all at least once been stuck on a long-haul flight listening to the nerve wrecking oral symphony of someone else’s (very) unhappy baby? It makes me nervous just reminiscing. That sense of devastating powerlessness against the noise…that strong urge to commit a violent act on the parents…

Well, next time this happens I shall simply do a Salma Hayek
tit is controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. In his latest project, he will be shedding light on the American financial collapse, or what he calls “the greatest crime story ever”.  If you have inside information on Wall Street then you are urged to spill the beans to Mr Moore!

Michael Moore

In case you haven’t heard, Beverly Hills Cop (IV) is happening! The brackets around the IV is because director Brett Ratner says he is reinventing the franchise to suit today’s audiences and won’t be needing the sequel number. Eddie Murphy is on board to revive his big-mouth character Axel Foley (who, let’s face it, is Donkey on two legs), and Ratner has promised that he won’t tone down the movie to appeal to a wider audience. The project is in suitable hands – Brett directed all three Rush Hour movies.

At the same time, another action franchise star, Mel Gibson, has said that he is not even remotely interested in making Lethal Weapon 5. The rumour about a fifth instalment started in 2008 when original writer Shane Black got mega-producer Joel Silver interested in his outline for the fifth movie. But a Lethal Weapon without the Gibster would be like…Shrek without Donkey. I’d love to get my hands on Shane’s draft though.

A project that will be going ahead, however, is spy thriller The Matarese Circle. Read what it’s all about here.

Denzel Washington is already on board along with director David Cronenberg. The latest news is that Tom Cruise is in talks to co-star. This project is expected to be fast-tracked through production but even then we are likely to have to wait til 2010.

If you are dying to see the boys in action before that then check out Denzel in The Taking of Pelham 123 (UK release July 2009) and expect to see Tom alongside Charlize Theron in French thriller remake The Tourist.

Last but not least:

The Jonas Brothers + Twilight sequel = teenage hy$teria of epic proportion$

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