News Muse – SATC 2 and gorgeous men *SPOILER WARNING

The Sex and the City girls are back for more

It’s all about Sex and the City 2 this week as filming of the sequel is finally underway in New York City. And from what I’ve seen so far, it promises to be another luxuriously kooky fashion feast.

I recently attended my friend S’s London wedding and as she now lives in Scotland (and works in the health and fitness industry), many of those attending were unsurprisingly down-to-earth outdoorsy types. And one of these friendly nature loving guests at one point referred to me, my friend T and S as ‘the Sex and the City Girls’, which made us positively shriek with delight.

It of course made sense as we were all dolled up in our dresses and heels (I’d gone all out with a veiled vintage hat and fake eye lashes), but I bet that comment had not come my way on a regular day in my trainers, combat trousers tucked inside my socks, fleece top and sweaty helmet hair – I ride a bicycle! But it was nice to pretend for one night that I was as glamorous as Carrie Bradshaw and have someone fall for it – even though he was clearly clueless.

But back to the real SATC ladies and especially Kim Cattrall who has been making headlines for her Bob Quick style blunder
(and here is where you stop reading if you don’t want to know!)


– Mr Big looses a lot of money and takes a job in London (as if things are better over here?!)

– Carrie finds out she’s pregnant just after she splits with Mr Big when it turns out he’s been unfaithful

– Miranda decides to quit her career and focus on motherhood

– Charlotte has two children and is struggling with motherhood

Smith Jerrod, Samantha’s hot ex, returns (yay!)

– Brit actor Max Ryan will play a hot architect called Rikard who crosses paths with Samantha

– Sam is on a testosterone treatment, possibly to try to get pregnant

So, there you go, a lot of babies basically. With a sprinkling of hunky men and a large dose of fancy frocks. I can’t wait to see it!

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