News Muse – The New Wrestler

It’s hard to quantify how huge last year’s The Wrestler was when it came to restoring the film career and reputation of bad-boy Mickey Rourke.

And this year it’s Nick Nolte‘s turn to try and make that shift from drug addicted has-been status to redeemed movie star success. And how, you ask? By starring in what media is already calling ‘this year’s Wrestler’. The film, Warrior, will see Nolte as a Vietnam war veteran (er, again?) who is also a recovering alcoholic (shouldn’t be too much of a stretch then) with excellent mixed martial arts skills that come in handy when he needs to train his son, Bronson star Tom Hardy, for a big cage fighting competition.

Rourke, in the meantime, has already moved on to the next project, which looks set to be Iron Man 2 after all, now that the rumoured dispute of pay has been resolved in favour of Mickey’s bank balance. Rourke is to star as the Russian baddie Ivan aka Whiplash.

Speaking of The Wrestler, I learned this week that none other than Nicholas Cage turned down the role as Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson because he didn’t feel he’d have enough time to bulk up sufficiently to look like a guy on steroids. Well, if you watched Rourke’s interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Mickey didn’t deny that he needed some ‘supplements’ in order to get as big as he did. Poor guy – suffering for the sake of his art…

Enough testosterone – I’m growing a beard over here!

Jennifer Aniston has admitted that she almost turned down her role in Marley & Me because she didn’t like the book that the movie is based on.


Well, you know what? I couldn’t stand the movie. It was like watching paint dry with your eyes pried open with clothes pegs – yes, it eventually made me tearful, but they were tears of utter frustration.

Another things that has me wound up this week is news that Keira Knightley may be cast as Eliza Doolittle in a remake of My Fair Lady. If you’re a regular reader you will know two things:

1. Keira Knightley is one of my least favourite actors, ever.

2. The word ‘remake‘, especially

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