News Muse – The return of Bridget Jones: Wanton Goddess

Back in spring Movie Talk decided to fib a little, all in the spirit of April Fools’s Day, by telling you that Richard Curtis was making Bridget Jones 3 hoping to cast Keira Knightley as Bridget.

I am so pleased to tell you that the joke seems to have become reality! Well, almost. Keira and Richard are (thankfully) unlikely to be involved, but Bridget Jones 3 is rumoured to be in the development stage at Working Title – there’s still no director or script. Renee Zellweger is attached to the project, obviously! The woman is
Helen Fielding wrote for The Independent, following Bridget as she in her 40s tries desperately to become pregnant before it’s too late.

I do hope this project comes off the ground and that it is really really good. One always frets when studios start messing with sequels to good movies and their much-loved characters. I’m still having sleepless nights over Sex and the City 2 – it could turn out to be so very good, yet it could be oh so bad…

More sequel news come from the Twilight camp, where it’s been announced that Xavier Samuel, an unknown Australian actor, has been cast for the third movie in the saga – Eclipse. He will be playing Riley, pushing hunky Channing Tatum (screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg‘s preferred choice) and Harry Potter star Tom Felton out of the picture.

The Twilight Saga has such a devoted fanbase that the movies are bound to do extremely well no matter what. While reading the last three books, I kept wondering how they would be able to convert them into films since Stephenie Meyer tends to linger inside people’s minds a lot, taking a long time to build up to the action, only to then have it over and done with very quickly, all of which don’t exactly make for riveting viewing. The scriptwriters will certainly play a pivotal role in making this story work on the big screen.

More fretful, sleepless nights for me then.

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