Tonight at twilight, you’ll find me in a north London cinema with a group of friends watching a triple bill of Twilight, New Moon and, finally, the highly anticipated Eclipse.

Here are some pics from the black carpet LA premiere of Eclipse.

We’re all really psyched about seeing all three movies on the big screen and back-to-back. I especially look forward to revisiting Twilight but am not so fussed about New Moon since Robert Pattinson is mostly absent. As you know, I am unequivocally with Team Edward, although some of the gang have jumped ship since the first movie and joined Team Jacob – this I cannot understand.

Robert Pattinson

Screening starts at 7pm, with short food and toilet breaks between movies. Eclipse only starts at midnight (will I still be awake?) and it’ll all be over by 2.30am at which point I will no doubt be mesmerised, square-eyed and suffering from a numb derrière (although probably not as bad as after my 30hr bustrip from Sweden to Transylvania – had no sensation for several weeks).

To pack: slippers, favourite blanky, flight socks, pillow (for sitting on), vuvuzela (for every time Rob is on screen) and high doses of a psychoactive stimulant drug.

Come back next week and I’ll tell you if I was moonstruck or if it was total eclipse of the heart.