News Muse – Twilight London Premiere

Twilight Premiere, Leicester Square, London

Last night I was crossing Leicester Square, well, trying to, when I found myself surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of little shrieking teenage girls. It was really scary. Not to mention totally deafening. I saw one girl in a red coat, clinging onto the top of a lamp post for dear life while screaming from the top of her lungs: ‘I loooove youuuu! I love you, Rob! ‘


Cue flashing cameras, lots of swooning and the arrival of someone clearly important – Rob.

More shrieking, waving of autograph books and looking at the giant screen broadcasting all the action live for those too short to see it for real.

So, on my way to a preview of Baz Luhrmann’s Australia (oh, lucky lucky me!) I had landed myself in the middle of the UK premiere of Twilight – the teen vampire movie that has beaten Quantum of Solace and High School Musical 3 at the US box office. Yep, it’s huge, and so will the fame of Brit heart throb Robert Pattinson be sooner than you can say ‘sequel’.

Robert PattinsonThe Twilight fans

If you want to know more about Twilight, check out our previous blog entries or any of the fan sites and forums out there. I just can’t be bothered to go on about it. I’m too old. And too tall.

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