News Pup – 22 July

News Hound is on holiday in an exotic location, drinking Mai Tais and playing fetch with a rather frisky chihuahua (so we hear). This has left brave News Pup Kate responsible for the big sniff-around and boy has she found some juicy bones!

paw-print.jpg Movie actress Cameron Diaz has got both Leonado DiCaprio and Jude Law on the go at the same time. She has been spotted with both of the Hollywood stars on numerous romantic dates around London. You can’t have them both Cameron – that’s just being greedy!

paw-print.jpgHarry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has already smashed the UK box office record on its first week of release! The sixth film in the magical series, released on 15th July, has already made an enormous £19.7 million. Woah!

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Princepaw-print.jpgLedgendary Pictures have finally decided on a director for the upcoming Warcraft movie that is said to have a budget of around $100 million. Back in October we found out that the film, based on computer game World of Warcraft, was being developed and the studio was looking for writers and a director. They have now decided that Sam Raimi will be taking on the role of director as soon as he’s wrapped up the fourth Spider-Man movie.

paw-print.jpgRyan Reynolds has spoken out about the nunts (naked stunts) he and co-star Sandra Bullock had to do in rom-com The Proposal, down to the detail of his flesh-coloured pouch. Don’t tell me that didn’t make you curious.


UK cinema release today!

paw-print.jpgThree boxes of designer dresses intended for the award winning actress Angelina Jolie have been stolen.  The dresses were meant to be worn for the promotion of her new film Salt. However, they were snatched from her LA stylist Jennifer Rade on Thursday night. Oh well, there’s always Top Shop, Angelina.

paw-print.jpgSir Michael Gambon aka Professor Dumbledore has stated that he refuses to read any of the Harry Potter books. Gambon, who took over from the late Richard Harris as Hogwart’s headmaster in the third film, said that ‘he will never pick up one of the books in fear of spoiling the illusion of working on the films.’ Gambon also revealed that he will be starring in the final film – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince