News Pup | 30 July 2009

With our regular News Hound barking up a different tree this week, one of her News Pups is out and about and sniffing out all the star stories.

paw-print.jpgFirst up we have The Apparently Multi-Talented Mr Jude Law who’s going to be a daddy again according to his publicist. No news as yet on the mummy-to-be. 


paw-print.jpgWes Anderson’s foray into animation The Fantastic Mr Fox – with a voice cast topped by the Marvellous Ms Meryl Streep and the Gorgeous Mr George Clooney – based on Roald Dahl’s children’s classic is premiering at this year’s London Film Festival on opening night, 14 October. 

paw-print.jpgSchool of Rock helmer Richard Linklater has just signed on the dotted line to direct a rom-com called Liars focussing on a woman’s journey to President Obama’s Inauguration.


paw-print.jpgCapt’n Jack Sparrow, aka The Delicious Mr Johnny Depp, is coming to our shores to educate his little darlings and is on the look out for a suitable school in Bath.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s News Muse when the News Pup will be chewing over these stories as if she has a brand new pair of Jimmy Choos clamped between her canines…

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