News Pup | 5 August

News Hound has yet again gone A.W.O.L, leaving pupster Rosanna to do the dirty work of digging out the news for your reading pleasure

paw-print.jpg Nowhere Boy, the hotly anticipated debut film about John Lennon’s early years in Liverpool is to close this year’s London Film Festival. The film is the first feature from conceptual artist Sam Taylor-Wood, and depicts Lennon as a 15 year old focusing on his relationship with his estranged mother.


paw-print.jpgHarry Potter fans have taken it upon themselves to promote fighting Voldemort, by adding the forbidden name to eighty ‘stop’ signs on roads in Wisconsin. The Dark Lord should be on the watch for several North American truck drivers undoubtedly determined to follow these mysterious signs.

paw-print.jpgSteven Spielberg is remaking the classic 1950 movie Harvey , the one in which James Stewart played a man who befriends a giant invisible rabbit.

paw-print.jpgRidley Scott has signed on to make a direct prequel to one of the most popular sci-fi films of all time – Alien. Sigourney Weaver has said that she knows the new film will be ‘classy’.


paw-print.jpgSeth Rogan has called previous co-star Katherine Heigl a hypocrite after she labelled the hit blockbuster Knocked Up ‘a little sexist’. Meanwhile, Heigl’s new film The Ugly Truth, which depicts successful and competent women as unattractive and controlling, opens on the 7th of August.

paw-print.jpgFresh out of the trailer factory is Dorian Gray, Oliver Parker’s adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s dark tale of vanity and ageing. The movie is out in September and stars Colin Firth and Ben Barne.

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