Nick Hewer: Lord Sugar still tells me off

Lord Sugar’s advisor on The Apprentice Nick Hewer has revealed that he often gets in trouble with the famously blunt businessman.

The ex-PR guru, who has recently become the new host of Channel 4’s Countdown, confessed that Lord Sugar still tells him off ‘for anything’ despite their long-standing friendship.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Nick confessed that Lord Sugar gave him a particularly hard time during the filming of Junior Apprentice.

“He gave me a real rocket for not being gentler with the young Apprentices last year,” he said. “But that’s because he moderated his tone and became Uncle Alan so beautifully. I found that difficult to do.”

However Nick still admits to feeling ‘genuine affection’ for Lord Sugar, who he describes as a ‘loyal and generous friend’ who always ‘lets you know where you stand’.

Nick also revealed that he feels out of his depth in his new role as the presenter of the Channel 4 quiz show.

He said he went to the screen test convinced he would be awful and still suffers from self doubt, despite having won over the producers. “I still think I’m talking garbage, but they say it works,” he added.