Nick Ross – the new face of Lynx?

Control yourself ladies, but former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has been approached to appear in a spin-off for a Lynx TV ad campaign.

The 59-year-old has hosted the BBC One programme for the past 23 years – and fronted his final show on Tuesday.

Now Lynx bosses would like to see him star in the male grooming brand’s Vicewatch, a spoof crime investigation, marking the launch of the new Vice variant.

The shot stars a Morgan Freeman lookalike who works as a detective and is trying to discover who, or what, is responsible for the ‘crimewave of passion’ – a world where the usually innocent girls have gone bad and are uncontrollably committing crimes on men who wear Lynx Vice.

A Lynx spokesperson said: “As the face of Crimewatch for so many years Nick is synonymous with solving crimes and investigations. He’s therefore a perfect fit to play the lead detective in our spoof crime scene Vicewatch.”

No word yet on whether or not Nick finds the deal fragrant.

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