Coronation Street star Nicola Thorp: ‘Nicola should be very afraid of Phelan!’

Pregnant Nicola Rubenstein ends up in hospital but is killer dad Phelan’s concern real? Actress Nicola Rubenstein has told Soaplife she's in danger...

Nicola Rubenstein is determined to take on her deeply dangerous dad. Then she ends up in hospital and in a very vulnerable position, actress Nicola Thorp has told Soaplife.

What’s the story?

Nicola Rubenstein is one courageous lady. Her suspicions about her father, Pat Phelan, have been steadily growing and now she feels she must do the right thing and take him on.

“She’s such a brave, strong justice warrior,” the popular actress has told Soaplife “She knows that Anna Windass is wrongly imprisoned, that Luke Britton is dead and that Phelan is responsible.”

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Soaplife’s interview with Nicola Thorp about why her character should be very afraid of Phelan

Soaplife: Just how afraid should Nicola be of Phelan?

Nicola Thorp: “Very afraid. She knows what he’s capable of! But they do have a unique relationship, which is not like any of the other characters on the Street. She’s his Achilles Heel!”

S: Tell us what happens when Nicola takes a call from the police…

NT: “Nicola’s told there has been a burglary, but Phelan’s with her when she takes the call so she plays it cool. Later, when she turns up at the flat, she’s panicking because she doesn’t know what has happened to Seb, who was hiding out there.”

S: Is Seb OK?

NT: “You’ll have to wait and see! But this is a moment where everything changes for her. She doesn’t know for certain, but she’s fairly sure it was Phelan who broke in.”

S: What are her first thoughts?

NT: “It’s terrifying if it’s true that Phelan did break in because her father is a very, very dangerous man. But Nicola’s not stupid. She is a smart girl and she knows to play him and his weaknesses.”

S: How confident is she that her plan will work?

NT: “She’s very confident because knows there’s no way Phelan would do anything to hurt her or harm her unborn child. But she does know he needs to trust her in order to let his guard down and let something slip.”

S: How come Nicola ends up in hospital?

NT: “She’s gone around to see Sarah Platt to tell her that Gary Windass and Sarah should be together and that he still loves her. But before she can say everything she needs to, she collapses in agony. She has a massive pain in her stomach, so Sarah rushes her to hospital.”

S: Does she lose the baby?

NT: “I’m not saying, but Phelan comes to see her in hospital. He asks to be left alone to talk to her and she agrees because she’s in a hospital, a seemingly safe place. But she isn’t very well at all, so she is in a really vulnerable position. She’s wise to him, she knows he’s a good actor and a very good liar. But she’s thrown because he seems genuinely upset.”

S: Is there a clue in the word ‘seems’?

NT: “You’ll have to wait and see. But Nicola may well be in grave danger…”

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