Nicola Roberts: I can read Cheryl’s mind

Nicola Roberts says she’s so close to Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl Cole she knows what she is thinking without her speaking.

The singer and fashionista is a mentor on Rihanna’s new fashion TV show Styled To Rock, and Cheryl was a one of the guest stars on the show for whom the aspiring designers had to design an outfit.

Nicola revealed: “I knew what she was thinking. We know each other so well, she’d be presented with an outfit and she wouldn’t even need to speak and I’d know whether it was a yes or no.

“I’d be laughing, she’d say ‘I haven’t even spoke’ and the poor designer would be like, ‘Sorry what you laughing at?'”

But Nicola admitted that it was strange working with Cheryl in a new situation, as she had invited her to take part in the show.

She revealed: “It was a really interesting day. It was harder for me because she’s a best friend so I was having to make sure she was happy, but at the same time be involved with the designers.

“I was on the fence, I was like, ‘I want you to be happy, but at the same time I understand why the designer has done it,’ so it was that real inbetween situation.”

The show sees 12 unknown designers compete to be named the next big thing by Rihanna.

Nicola revealed there were some fashion disasters on the show. “One designer just totally forgot that women have boobs and a bum, or anything down there!” she said.

Styled To Rock screens on Sky Living HD at 9pm on August 14.