Noel Edmonds ‘not facing ruin’

Noel Edmonds will not be financially ruined following the collapse of his production business, his spokesman said today.

The presenter of Channel 4’s Deal Or No Deal, in which contestants attempt to beat the mysterious banker, was reportedly anticipating “severe financial pain” after Unique Group went into receivership with debts approaching £3 million.

The TV star’s spokesman said today: “Noel Edmonds is not going to go personally bankrupt. It is not going to affect his TV career.”

His spokesman said the background issues were old and complex, stretching back to 1999. The collapse follows a long-standing financial dispute involving Edmonds and Lombard, an arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland, over ownership of a helicopter.

Noel’s spokesman claimed he was being pursued financially because of his celebrity. He added: “Noel is very bullish about it… Noel is not going to roll over. He will not have to remortgage his house. He is going forward… These are old issues and he is going to have to restructure.”

Set up in the 1980s, Unique Group has been involved in TV and radio production as well as live events, with a turnover of £15 million in 1998. In 2003 Broadcast magazine valued Edmonds at £70 million in a rich list.

Through a spokesman, Noel, 58, who has enjoyed massive television comeback success, told today’s Financial Times: “I am going to go through severe financial pain, but it is a matter of principle for me.”

RBS declined to comment.

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