Norton prank victims to be “vetted”

Victims of pranks on Graham Norton’s new show Totally Saturday are to be vetted so as to avoid any Susan Boyle style meltdowns, say the papers.

The Sun reports that the BBC introduced the rule after Boyle’s problems in the run-up to the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Totally Saturday, which is a live show, sees Norton playing pranks on unsuspecting members of the public. On last Saturday’s show one person was left stunned after the BBC stole his vintage car and hid EastEnders star Perry Fenwick in the boot.

However, bosses fear that some people could be left distressed after some of the jokes.

“The order has come down from on high that they don’t want a Boyle on their hands,” a BBC insider said.

“The new rules mean producers must properly assess contestants and be confident in they are capable of participating in a live show.

“Watching what happened on ITV horrified them. If anything that bad happened on the BBC it would have huge ramifications.”

A BBC spokeswoman told the paper that Totally Saturday has “a great duty of care towards all involved in the show.”

“The public are selected with extreme care and in line with BBC guidelines.”

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