Oaks’ Franks hurt by rude Tweet

Hollyoaks star Jazmine Franks has revealed how she stood up to online abuse on Twitter and got an apology.
The actress plays student Esther Bloom, who is being bullied at college in the soap, and Hollyoaks have teamed up with the BeatBullying organisation to highlight the issues involved.
Jazmine admitted to the Channel 4 website that social networking meant even she has become a victim of abuse.
She revealed: “Everyone has an opinion, and a lot of people decide they want to voice it over Twitter. But for every bad comment, there’s 20 good ones, so you just learn to carry on with your day and not get too bothered about them.
“But sometimes it does get to you – like if someone has a go at me about my weight or something. Like someone tweeted the other day ‘Just seen Jaz Franks in London. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, well in her case it takes off 30.’
It was basically saying I look fatter than I do on screen. So I just wrote back and said ‘Thank you, your mother must be so proud.’ She tweeted back saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it was my boyfriend that wrote that.’ So she realised that she’d upset me, and she apologised. I don’t think she’d realised what she’d done.”
Jazmine also revealed how she met a real life victim of bullying to help with the storyline.
She said: “It was awful! It was so helpful – it has helped me a lot – but it was an awful story. And her mum was there as well, and it was really interesting listening to her mum’s side.
“Her mum said she just wanted to go in and punch them all, but you can’t, because it’ll make things worse.”