Ofcom raps Titchmarsh for product ‘prominence’

The Alan Titchmarsh Show breached broadcasting rules after products were given undue prominence during celebrity interviews, Ofcom has ruled.

The regulator received a complaint about an interview with Jane Seymour, over concerns that her jewellery and clothing ranges had been heavily promoted.

Another complaint was received about an Alan Titchmarsh interview three days later with Stephanie Beacham, who recently appeared as Ken Barlow’s love interest in Coronation Street.

The viewer was concerned that a skin care range was ‘promoted in a prominent fashion’ on the ITV1 show and Ofcom noted that Beacham had helped to create the products.

Those responsible for the compliance of the show said no payment or other ‘valuable consideration’ had been received by them or the production company for the references made to the products.

They said the interviews were typical of the ‘celebrity spot’ on any magazine show.

But Ofcom found that both interviews breached regulations which say no undue prominence may be given in any programme to a product or service.

The Beacham interview also breached a rule that states products and services must not be promoted in programmes.

Ofcom also found that the Paul O’Grady show breached rules after O’Grady held up a beauty product called Ageless to the camera.

Channel 4 said the pot of serum was part of an ongoing joke to exaggerate O’Grady’s age and that of his audience.

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